about NPNI

The Natural Parents Network of Ireland


N.P.N.I. was initially established in 1996 as a self-help group by women who had themselves been parted from their children by adoption, and who wished to provide a haven where women could share their feelings with others who had experienced the same loss. Regular Support Meetings were run at a Dublin hotel until 1998 when costs became prohibitive. It was re-constituted as the NPNI when a further number of women came on board.

As well as giving information and emotional help to natural parents, the NPNI is actively involved on a political level. We submit proposals on essential legislative reform to government departments concerning both domestic and international adoption. To view our Submission to the Department of Health & Children to their 2003 Consultation Process, please click here.

We regularly comment on adoption issues to the media, and we are often asked to provide speakers and participants for meetings organised by social workers and lawyers.

We are enabled to provide our services entirely free of charge thanks to assistance from The Lady Arabella Denny Trust, Department of Health and Children and the Eastern Regional Health Authority.

If you would like to contact us, or to be kept informed about our activities and general news on adoption issues, please go to our contact page for information on emailing us, telephoning us, coming to one of our meetings and/or joining our confidential on-line discussion group.