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If you have not been a member of an email discussion list before, we'd better explain! Basically, anyone who has joined the List can 'post' a message, and it automatically gets sent to every List member (if they have opted for this service*). They can then respond to your post, and again, everyone sees the reply.

The Adoption Loss Ireland Discussion List is a great resource for sharing your views, problems and ideas about adoption issues from the perspective of natural parents who have lost children to adoption - and you can be sure of receiving advice, information and support from other mothers or fathers who may have experienced the same difficulties as yourself. Some people may be in the process of tracing or have already completed a trace. Others may be reluctant to search or may be experiencing problems with a reunion. If you post a query or request advice you will generally get several responses from sister/fellow members. The people on this List will understand - we all harbour the same hopes, fears and dreams. And finally, although this List is primarily for natural parents, we also welcome adopted people and value the perspective they bring to discussions - particularly regarding the difficulties that can surface during the reunion process.

Confidentiality Worries?

Without doubt, the greatest concern for natural parents is that of privacy - both for themselves and their children. To ensure the highest degree of confidentiality, you can register for a Yahoo! ID (using a nickname of your choice) and a Yahoo! Email address. This way, all emails will be sent to your Yahoo! Mailbox (which only you can access). You can therefore send and read List messages either at your home computer, a friend's computer or any Internet Café throughout the world. And to post an email to the List, you can do this from within the adoptionloss-ireland list site by going through The FAQs (frequently asked questions) will be sent to you on joining and will outline the rules and protocols attached to membership of the List. These include, for example: Never revealing the identity of another List member; never identifying your child or his/her adoptive parents; never identifying your natural parent/s or siblings; never identifying a particular social worker, your child's other natural parent, or any other relatives or friends.

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Any advertising or enquiries regarding adoption facilitation or arrangements - whether in Ireland or abroad are completely banned from this List.

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