Contact Preference Register

NPNI welcomes the Contact Preference Register

Press Release issued 30th March 2005

The Natural Parents Network of Ireland, which runs the support service ADOPTION LOSS, today welcomed the establishment of Ireland’s first State-run adoption contact register.

Chairperson Bernie Harold, commented: “The waiting lists for search and reunion at the various private adoption agencies and Health Boards can be as long as three years for a first meeting with a social worker to begin the search. We have known of people who have died while on the waiting list without ever getting the chance to reunite with their son or daughter. This Register will help to alleviate the ever lengthening queues”.

“The fact that this is a stand-alone State provided confidential service is very welcome” she continued: “many natural mothers will be glad that they won’t have to return to the adoption agency through which their child was placed because they often associate it with the traumatic pain of parting from their babies”.

The NPNI/Adoption Loss wish to encourage all natural mothers and fathers to place their details on the Contact Preference Register. “We have participated in discussions with The Department of Health and Children and The Adoption Board to help devise the highest standards possible to ensure that the CPR will enjoy widespread support. People need have no fear of this new development and can embark on reunion at their own pace – maybe starting with letters through a third party – before arriving at a mutual agreement to meet when both are ready.”

If any natural parents wish to receive further information on how the CPR will operate or talk about any worries they may have, they can contact us:

Adoption Loss Helpline:LoCall 01-660 0795 – Sundays 2pm – 4pm

Adoption Loss Monthly Support Meetings: - First Tuesday of each month at 8pm, Baggot Street Community Hospital, Dublin 4.