Support & Advice

Support & Advice for the natural parents of adopted children born in Ireland

You may live abroad or some distance from Dublin and find it difficult to attend our support meetings. We can deal with all your queries by email, post or telephone.

Our telephone service, which is open on Sundays between 2pm and 4pm, is a "Lo-Call" number - this means that you can call us from any Eircom telephone anywhere in the Republic for the price of a local call. If you call during this time and find the line is busy, please be patient - we are always there for our callers for as long as they need to talk. Please, do keep calling back till the line is free.

We have gained considerable experience of a wide range of problems which people can face as they embark upon the first stages of search and re-union. Perhaps you were so traumatised by events that you cannot remember crucial dates and places. This is a common occurrence and we have an extensive bank of information to enable you to take control of the situation and commence your search at your own pace. Or maybe there are legal problems in connection with a "de facto" adoption, or other important missing or forged documents. Do check elsewhere on this website for information in the first instance.

If you still need help or advice, please

email us

or write to us at:
The Secretary
Natural Parents Network of Ireland
P.O. Box 6714

or call our confidential Advice line:
ONLY on Sundays between 2pm-4pm on Lo-Call 01-660 0795

or come to one of our monthly support meetings in Dublin

or join our confidential mailing list

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